Saturday, June 20, 2009

5 Star Hospital with 1 star service

Specialist Center! Specialist Service! What a 5 Star hospital! May be the doctors are good, may be the nurses are good, may be they are some good and bad, may be just too difficult to find perfection. But this a hospital and not a hotel, a minor mistake shouldn't be allowed. This is not just the money matter, this is about human life.

This morning, one the PD (she is a good doctor) of this hospital was taking my baby's blood for some tests. I didn't really know what are these tests for, just know that the appointment has been fixed since last month, I guess it is just a routine, when baby till certain age needs to be tested. Partly was due to my baby had some mosquito bites over her face and body, and got fever two days ago for on and off, and found red rashes over her body even on her face. Doc worried that it may be dengue, therefore she suggested to do extra test for the dengue. I didn't have to stay to wait for the result, as the doc will call to inform me.

I was so careless to left my cellphone in my office. By the time I got back to pick it up was already 4pm. And there is a missed call from this hospital. It is Saturday and the clinic open till 1pm. Therefore the receptionist (Miss Lim Lian See, a fuck up receptionist) just tell me off of course politely but does it means that polite means u have done nothing wrong, does it mean that u r giving good customer service? What if my baby had dengue? Do you think my baby can wait till Monday?

This is what I talked to her over the phone:
Me : "I got this missed call from Dr. XX, and I believe she wanted to tell me about my baby's blood test result."

Miss Lim : "Sorry, our clinic has closed."

Me : "Is there anyway I can check whether the blood test is ok?"

Miss Lim : "I know, but the clinic has closed, Dr. XX has gone back, the nurses also gone back."

Me " Look, one of the test of this blood test is to check whether my baby have dengue. I have only one miss call from Dr. XX, does it means that my baby is ok?"

Miss Lim : " But the clinic has already closed."

Me : "This is about my baby's life. Doc suspected that my baby may get dengue, therefore she said she will call to inform me the test result. Since she didn't really try hard to find me, does it means that my baby is ok? Or is there anyway that I can check for my baby's blood test result?"

Miss Lim : "ok, let me put u to the sister on duty."
(WHAT?! least this is a way she can try at the beginning, and not wait till I suggested for an alternative, she is a staff of this hospital, she know better than me on how to help a customer or patient! Sadly, she didn't even put in the effort, she just hope that I will just hang up and that's is.)

Later I got a great assistance from this Sister! She got my baby's name and my phone number, she called up Dr. XX and returned my call to let me know that my baby's blood test is ok!

What if I really hang up due to the "clinic has closed" and my bb got dengue? What if my baby's life in danger? Sue the hospital for compensation? can not buy "life'! But I think the responsibility is not fully by the hospital, this Miss Lim Lian See has more responsibility on this! This is life, I think she is not really suitable to work in this line eventhough just a job as a receptionist! As long as you are working in a hospital, no matter what position you are, what role you are, and what status you are, you have full responsibility of anything that fall under your role, eventhough you are just a cleaning aunty!

Friday, June 12, 2009

The best customer service?!

My XeLL laptop's wireless card was having problem again. Yea, that's right, again, cause this is the second time. Before I report the faulty issue I have called to confirm that my warranty is still valid. Yes, still valid till this coming August. Till this point, the CSO's attitude is still ok.

I called up again on the next day to file the report. As their job, they have to check whether I have done the possibility methods to recover the problem. Then follow by suggestion. There is one thing I found it silly is, she has suggested to me to purchase something that is kind of like "service" or "software" or "warranty which will cost me another RM100. This RM100 is 24/7 service that I can call in anytime, and I will get on-phone support to get people to teach me on how to format my laptop. WTH? RM100 to learn the "how to format the laptop?" Isn't it funny? Eventhough I dunno how to format, but I can easily get ppl to do it for me, and the worst it may only cost me RM50! And somemore I dun have to do it myself. But this RM100 charge by XeLL....I have to do it myself!

Of course I didn't take her advice. She then said that she will have the technician to come over to change a new wireless card for me. Continuous by asking me this.... "What if after changed, and you still have the problem?" Don't you think she is rude as a CSO to ask this question this way? My answer to her is "Then only I will consider your suggestion."

May be XeLL has too much clients abuse the RM400 warranty they have purchased! But so what? We have paid, and this is what you have promised to deliver as the contract. Whether they or if you think me trying to cheat, you can only blame that your company do not have proper system to encounter this problem or the quality of the products an't good. You shouldn't throw fire on me! You got my RM400! I am renew it every year, and this is coming to 4yrs. Already RM1200!

To this have to thank god that I didn't file complain about you. To this have to thank god that Xell still my favorite!

Monday, June 8, 2009

The dessert stall at Penang Road

That day I saw a very disgusting act by a hawker which located at outside Kayu Nasi Kandar (already shut down) at Penang Road. The stall selling gandum dessert and run by an Indian fella. It was very jammed during that day, that's so my car was stopped in front of this stall. I was driving Nissan Serena, so my position is tall enough to have a very clear and overall view.

This Indian hawker looks stealthily, that's why he caught my attention. During then, that was a customer just ride (motorcycle) away. One of his hand holding a bowl and in the other hand, he was holding the pot lid. The pot lid is quite big, I think has about 42cm. He was using the lid to hide the bowl in his another hand. But he was not watching at what he is doing, he was actually looking around sneakily, then rapidly poured the "things" from the bowl into the pot (I believe is the left over from the previous customer, as there is a spoon still in the bowl.) Then only turn around to wash the bowl and spoon with the ready-water in the pail behind him.

I told my mom the scenario I saw. She suggested to go and catch him one day. Either one of us pretend to not finish the dessert, and another one of us stand and hide somewhere to take video or photo of what they will try to do. hahaha.....good suggestion!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Great surprise!

I got a most wonderful birthday present ever! Yesterday afternoon before I went swimming with Jovie, I found a nice looking red gauze bag on my table, with a ribbon and a red color card with the shape of a leaf. I almost forgot it was my birthday until I found this little nice looking pressie on my table.

A regard birthday present from my dearest mom. I was touched with this present. A card with “尽多少本分就得多少本事” (The more you work, the more you will get) was hanging on the bag, and there is another card, the birthday greeting card inside with the texts “有愿就有力” (If you have wish, you will have the power) on the envelope. The present is 2 red-dyed eggs! The eggs were still warm when I found it. I didn’t know when was my mom placed inside my room. It is because she was out to attend the Tzu Chi’s course and back at the same time with me. Then we were out together to have lunch. Even though during the lunch, none of them remember it was my birthday, that’s why I myself also forgot about it. Then, after that we have relatives to visit. My mom just too occupied with so many events and yet she is very thoughtful and has the time to come out with this meaningful present.