Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Great Love Light Up the World 爱洒人间

I recently had watch a drama by Tzu Chi Foundation's Da Ai TV Channel and is based on real people and real event. The story that I recently watched is about a Taiwanese businessman who is a devoutness muslim and living in Turkey, and of course he is also a member of Tzu Chi Foundation (http://www.tzuchi.org/global/). He is from a muslim family in Taiwan; however his mom before married to his dad is a Catholic. Not only his mom wasn't a muslim and his wife was a Taoist (Yi Guan Dao) too. What an interesting family!

From this drama, I have learn about some of the muslim's practice such as they are not allow to squat for anybody except Allah, not even their own parent. Their daily practice of praying. Their purpose of praying. Why only Halal foods are allow to eat? Their reason of believe in Allah. I am inspired with what they are practicing, this is the way we should be practiced no matter what religion we are or no matter we have a religion or not.

Interesting about this drama is......the director of this drama is Christian, the real person in this story is Muslim, and this drama was shot in Turkey, a muslim country, and Tzu Chi Foundation's based is Buddhism. Mr.Hu, the person of this story, he is the person in-charge of Tzu Chi Foundation in Istanbul, Turkey, and he is still a devoutness muslim. He claimed that Allah is sending him to help the people who needs his help thru Tzu Chi Foundation. That's why he is with Tzu Chi. Therefore there is no conflict of interest at all. The bottom line is to help people who needs help! When Arabian (Mr.Hu speak fluent Arabian, he was graduated from Lybia) meet Chinese, when "Great love light up the world" meet the Turkish secret servant (Mr.Hu was once being suspected as a terrorist due to he speak Arabian after 911 incident, and being kidnapped by the secret servant), when different religion, different culture, different races meet at once.......this is what this drama about.

He has inpired with the action taken by Tzu Chi in 21 Sept 1999 earthquake in Turkey. He was there, he was also involve in the charity works, caring the victims and the family, distribution of tents and blankets, building up the houses and school for the victims, and lot more. He learn about the selfless contribution to those who has not related to Tzu Chi. He has also learn that Tzu Chi's great love doesn't care about what religion, which culture, or where is the country, they will give their helping hands to whoever needs them. Eversince then, he has built up his Tzu Chi career, and therefore become the in-charge person in Turkey.

Till today, Tzu Chi is everywhere in the world. There is also another story about the person in-charged in San Jose, USA. We are lucky that Penang is the HQ of Tzu Chi Foundation in Malaysia. So that it is easier and convenient for me to learn more about Tzu Chi thru their activities.

Note :
"Great Love Light up the world" is the song by Tzu Chi. Later, had translated into Arabian by Mr.Hu.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Grandma has admitted

My eye is tiring, my brain is blank.....this is the result of 2 hours sleep in the entire night. My grandma wasn't feeling well therefore we have to send her to emergency at 2.30am.

She had vomitted few times since 6pm, after back from local clinic, she didn't have anything to her stomach. I woke up in the midnite to check about the noise outside my room. Noticed that my grandma didn't improve at all, and needed help to go to toilet. Me and my mom were trying to carry her to the toilet, hence I felt the heat from her body. I used my baby's thermometer to check and got shock that she was at 40.4 degree celcius. I called up my cousin for help together to send her to the emergency.......I believe she is also with the "Panda eye" in the office now.

Reached hospital at 3am and done and leave hospital at almost 5am. After the check up by the MO, she then transfered to HDU. Her blood pressure is at 200+! We went back to visit her this morning, the doc said, her heart's vein got clog. She is too old for operation, doc said the medi can help, but need to stay one more night in the HDU for monitoring.

Hopefully she can be out by tomorrow.