Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Silly things

I recently get to know that anyone can simply qualify for the position like “Internal Auditor” or “Finance Controller”. In order to make the payment to the supplier, first we have to ensure we have enough to pay. Unfortunately, my internal auditor and FC of the GROUP by checking the bank balance thru the e-banking had questioned why I said “not enough” since the balance shown this amount. Hey….wake up…..don’t tell me anyone with finance background do not know what this “floating” means!

Recently due to my branch account exe had left, and it is still vacant. Therefore, me and “they from KL” has to back-up. This dept all the while never under my care as the person in this position has to report directly to “them” – The FC and Internal Auditor of the Group based in KL. There was this happened, supplier chased for overdue payment, my staffs and also I have them to call directly to “them”. They without asking the detail, give this answer to the supplier, “Sorry, we do not know anything as this is the Penang branch’s matters. You have to call Penang.” Suppliers were very upset, cause Penang asked them to call KL, KL throw them back to PG. After few days, finally the Internal auditor wrote me an e-mail, and there was when our e-mails “flying”. Look at the silly thoughts from a Internal Auditor.

The e-mails beging with......

1. First sent out from “him” on 19 Nov 2010

----- Original Message -----

From: Lxx Kxx Vxxn

To: Penang Branch

Cc: Financial Controller Tan, The CEO

Sent: Friday, November 19, 2010 3:10 PM

Subject: Penang branch - supplier call

Dear AG,

I received alot of suppliers' call from Penang, which i do not know whether they are valid suppliers or not and i also do not know the stock is actually received or not.

My suggestion is either you or Axshxx (my subordinate) attend the call first and pass the list of suppliers which need to be paid to Ms Yap and cc to me and Mr Tan. (You need to monitor your collection and advise us which suppliers need to be paid by using limited cashflow)

Ms. Yap,

After we have finalised the list of payment to suppliers, please compile the supporting documents. (ie supplier invoice, DO and PO) and issue the cheque.

Thanks & Regards
K. V. Lxx
KMCorp Berhad
Tel: 0x-9xxx 3xxx ext: 1xx

NOTE : Do you aware of the “VALID SUPPLIERS” he stated on the e-mail? Don’t u feel this is silly and funny?

2. My replied to his e-mail

From: Me
Sent: Friday, November 19, 2010 5:02 PM
To: Lxx Kxx Vxxn, Penang Branch
Cc: Ms. Yap; Financial Controller Tan; The CEO
Subject: Re: Penang branch - supplier call

Dear Mr. Lxx,

The suppliers who called to your end are valid, or else we will not have them to make this call. If I am in the office I will for sure attend the calls, otherwise is either I am at customer sites or in some errands. Axsxxh understand that I may not in the convenient to attend the calls, therefore she has the suppliers to reach you. I believe this is just for the time being, as you have already in getting someone to fill up this vacant. Also, Miss Ooi every month did update you all the details, from the report, you have better scenario about Penang's account.

Collection is under my responsibility; I will for sure base on the aging report and The CEO's instruction to check on the sales every week and will try my best to get the collection in on time. However, if to update the collection details, I am afraid I may not have time on that. Can u pls have Miss Yap to help on this?

Thank you for your understanding and hope to get your support during this period of time.


3. Then he replied again…..

From: Lxx Kxx Vxxn
To: Me; Penang Branch
Cc: Ms Yap; Financial Controller Tan; The CEO
Sent: Saturday, November 20, 2010 9:53 AM
Subject: Re: Penang branch - supplier call

Dear AG,

What i mean by valid suppliers is because i have no idea:

1) who they are, (even though they told me the company name)

2) what they supply to us

3) do we still order from them

4) all the goods are received completely without any discrepancy

If Axsxxh know that you are not in the office, please ask the suppliers to call back at the correct time when you are in the office or jot down the contact number and return call to them.

For the collection, i have asked Ms Yap to assist. Please assign someone in Penang branch to update Ms Yap on daily collection. Beside that, please ensure all the salesman submit their weekly collection forecast either on every Friday or Saturday, in order for Ms Yap to forecast the company cashflow.

Thanks & Regards

K. V. Lxx
KMCorp Berhad
Tel: 0x-9xxx 3xxx ext: 1xx

4. My replied to him again….

From: Me
Sent: Saturday, November 20, 2010 10:18 AM
To: Lxx Kxx Vxxn; PG Branch
Cc: Ms Yap; FC Tan; The CEO
Subject: Re: Penang branch - supplier call

Dear Mr.Lxx,

I think we don't waste the time on this matter, as both of us have more important things to be busy on. We will do our job for sure. Those that calls reached u r VALID suppliers which Miss Ooi has already issued the cheques. I am very concern about the account of this branch whether in accordance or not, I believe none of us wish to see this happen like it had happened before. Since day one, account is not under my control, and Miss Ooi do not report to me on anything about her jobs except the collection.

You have my word, I am not throwing the balls to you, so, don't worry, we know what calls to pass to you. I just want to get things done and make sure the company reputation is in good condition.


5. After my replied, I didn’t expect his reply, sadly….he reply me with this…..

From: Lxx Kxx Vxxn
To: Me; PG Branch
Cc: Ms Yap ; FC Tan; The CEO
Sent: Saturday, November 20, 2010 10:51 AM
Subject: Re: Penang branch - supplier call

Dear AG

For me this is not a waste of time, at least we make thing clear at the first place rather than argument at other day.

Ok, i agree to attend the call from suppliers which chq have been already issued. For other suppliers, please get them to reach your side.

For closing of the account, i will try my very best to guide and monitor Ms. Yap progress in finalising the account.

Hope everything have clearer picture now and thing will be fine and run smoothly.

Thanks & Regards
K. V. Lxx
KMCorp Berhad
Tel: 03-9xxx 3xxx ext: 1xx

6. The end….I better stop continue hoo-ha with him, otherwise it will be never ending.

Dear Mr. Lxx,

I am very much appreciated your understanding.

Thank you & best regards,

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Stupid "system"

I had defied the system that I never know it existed. A very simple and easy job, I just don’t understand why people is just too free to make it complicated

Story started …….

“Our supplier (is actually our HQ) inform us their Italy Supplier’s factory shut down for a month upon received of our PO. Hence we requested for the ETA of the goods. Sadly the answer is “I don’t know…..they told us a month.” Come on, since you have been informed that their factory is shut down for a month, I believe you should also get to know from when till when is their shut down date.

Well, is totally out of branches control if they are not supportive enough. We are taking it as yesterday started for a month. No news at all from HQ, we have to call them on and off to follow up. Customer’s stock level is getting critical and complaint that such a long period of shut down should have inform in advance so that they can plan ahead. Shame is HQ has no stock at all. Customer’s order qty is 150pcs, HQ has not even have one.

I have no choice but to call HQ purchaser for the ETA. Imagine I have to call supplier’s purchaser (instead of sales or their customer service) for support. The purchaser has been very helpful. He kept on update us about the shipment status until the goods reach HQ store. He said “Amy, I am sorry, the goods has reached our store, you have to refer back to either Store or the customer service for the rest of the process. I have no authority to go further.” 

Funny is, my purchaser called the customer service and said “Elaine, can u pls check with your store’s Miss Lim that the goods has already arrived and pls send out to us immediately today.” Follow with another call, “Elaine, can u pls kindly send the goods directly to our customer as if the ink roller is not reach them by tomorrow, they are going to charge us the production line down cost. I have already e-mail the customer’s detail for you.” (We also at the same time copied the e-mail to the HQ purchaser)

• my purchaser, the one based in Penang has to inform the one in KL that her goods already arrived at their store. The one in the same office (Elaine the customer service) with the store do not know anything.

• Another funny scene is, the customer (we) has to inform our supplier (our HQ) that the goods has already arrived at their store.

I do not know how the process flow, there is another customer service appear in the picture, Michelle. She called us and told us that she cannot send the goods to customer directly and also requested us to send her an e-mail to say that we (customer) will bear the courier charge (to courier to my office not customer site.)

However I insist she has to send to customer directly otherwise she has to bear all the consequences. Sadly she said, “I do not know at all you have this request and I do not have your customer’s detail.” I answered, “I m now telling u to send directly to the customer. If you do not know where to send, pls check ur mailbox or Elaine’s mailbox for the detail.” 5 minutes later, she called my purchaser to tell that her boss (this oldman, Raymond is a bastard, he got his pay without working and I don’t understand why my CEO still wanna keep him) not allow her to send directly to customer and requested us to talk to her boss directly.

Raymond later called my purchaser and scolded my purchaser seriously. My purchaser insists our right to request for the service we wanted and even highlighted to him about the consequences. However this bloody Raymond said “This is not the system to do that, if you do not know the system, come to KL, I will teach you the system.” Continue…”Who is the sales to in-charge this customer, ask him to call me.” My sales called Raymond immediately, unfortunately he has purposely off the phone.

I have no choice to call my Executive Director (my CEO’s son) for help. He asked “What is the system he is talking about?” (hahaha….the boss doesn’t know he has “this system” in his own company.) Raymond still off his phone, and therefore my ED has to contact that Michelle. This Michelle told my ED that she has no idea about my request her to send directly to the customer!!! What a bitch!! (HQ purchaser told me, not only I had talked to this Michelle personally about the request, he also tried to pass her the customer’s detail (as he received the e-mail too), but she refused to take that.) Look at this bitch!!! Anyway, my ED had helped me to solve the problem. He asked the HQ purchaser to send the goods to our customer directly. Look at this scenario, the one who has to work has off the phone to avoid working. The one who has to work has refused to do (even the ED asked to do). But the one who has no responsible at all in this (the HQ purchaser) has to entertain the customer (we). This is the company’s system, is this system that Raymond was talking about? Hahaha….”

A listed company with bunch of rubbish, I kind of pity my CEO and those colleagues who really is working, for instance, the Purchaser, Mr. Chin.

Friday, October 1, 2010

People's appearance is given by the god

Story about me…..
Few months ago, I had this incident. I called the security agent (an Indian boss claimed that he was an inspector in a police force before) into my office for a discussion about the improvement of their service. Initially, our conversation is pretty relaxed and understanding. But the more in detail I told him about the poor service I got from the guards, he became boil. Ended up he scolded me in front of my staff IN MY OFFICE.

Here is the list of the issues the security force needs to improve:

1. The window at the guard house has covered with our customer’s labels! For a printing line, we will get sue from the customer if they wanted to examine.

2. The guard always missing. Sometimes missing for more than 30mins with the gate opened.

3. The guard doesn’t into a proper uniform. They don’t have a standard one. Sometimes in brown, sometimes blue, and sometimes even with different badge, I suspect the uniforms are “recycling” from others throw away. Most of the time in slipper, no safety shoes at all. The guard’s looks very awful and not in the spirit.

4. All visitors (staff’s family, suppliers, customers, or himself (the Indian boss of this security agent) can simply walk into our office without notify the office staff.

5. Our operators (factory workers) can leave the premises during working hour.

6. Hygiene and tidiness – cigarette head everywhere around the guard house area, the guard hanging his clothes on our gate and at the guard house door, the rubbish everywhere outside the guardhouse area, etc.

7. Rudeness guard – borrow money from our staff, talk loud and arguing with the branch manager in the office area.

8. At night, one guard taking care of 2 to 3 premises in this area. Meaning to say, we pay fulltime, but we get half of the service, cause after office hour, 3 are sharing one guard.

Here is the list of his explanation and improvement:

1. He said “Sorry about that”

2. He said “Don’t worry, I can ensure you that your people and also all your asset will be safe. You know what, I was an inspector before? Also, I tell you, I actually pay the gangster every month RM1500. “ “Nobody is daring to touch my anything under my care. If really happened I am able to find out and get it back what you have lost.” “I have been serving your company and as well as your neighbor especially Amway for so many years, so far so good. If you still don’t feel comfortable I can give you the gangster phone number to get his word for assurance. Or I can introduce you Amway’s manager for my testimonial.”

** After 2nd point, he started to look frustrated and boiled**

3. He said “OK, I will look into it and try to improve on the uniform.” …he started to throw temper, “The people’s face has given by the god, is out of my control.” – This is how he explained to me about my comment on his security looks. (To me, I just need the guard to shave and comb the hair, wear the uniforms with tight in, wear the safety shoes instead of slipper.)

4. He said “OK, I will inform my guard to do the records of all the visitors, and also will get your company permission before we allow anyone to enter.”

5. He said again “OK, I will get my guard to work with your company on tracking the staff leave the premises during working hour.”

** Point No. 6, 7, and 8 has never mentioned to him.**

I told him that I don’t believe that a company like Amway has never comments anything about your service. I am not fussy at all, as some of their problems have being highlighted to us from our visitors especially our customers. The more we were discussed; he is getting more and more terrible by raising his voice, and even scolded me as a cheapest lady he ever meets. He questioned me that ever told his guard about “benci your boss?” I admitted as I really said so and explained to him that I scare to see him due to he always come to my office without appointment and screw up my schedule of the day (this was due to his guard dare not stop him for coming into our premises, as he is the boss of the security guards.) I explained to him that my Malay is no good and your guard also cannot converse in English therefore I use “benci” and also use “takut”. That Indian bastard said want to get a lawyer to sue by of spoil his reputation (due to I said I hate to see him…haha…what a joke.) Then what about he scolded me as a cheapest lady in front of my staff?

He keep on sitting in my office and scolded me and keep saying hate to see me and don’t feel like talking to me as I am the cheapest lady. Hence, I told him to leave since he doesn’t feel like talking to me and we can’t continue our discussion then. He said “Why should I leave, I don’t care, and I don’t scare of you at all.” I was thinking, “What the heck? You are in my office, and since u said u hate to see me and don’t want to talk to me, why don’t u go? Otherwise you want me to leave my office and give the office to you? “
By the way, during the “argument” (the reason I put inverted coma was due to he is the only one yell and scold, I was remained calm and peace and trying to calm him down too), he keeps saying wanted to give me the contact of Amway’s manager, but when I wanted to get it from him, he said “Why should I have to give you?” Before he left, he said “You better be careful.” Because of that, I actually dare not go back to the office and immediately went to make police report under threatening case. The inspector called him in for the settlement, but he never answer the call, therefore the police official has to log the report and gave me his cell-phone number in case of anything to call him immediately.

I told the company about what I have facing with this security agent. What they concerned is whether that bastard will do anything to harm the company! TMD! Never concern about the staff safety. Beside, they asked me to continue to use the security until the contract end (it was like another 4 months). If the indian boss is the bastard, the two (company internal auditor) handling this case on behalf of my CEO is a bloody hell!

Isn’t my work interesting? Well, this is Malaysia here I am!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A lady I wanted to remember her, that's why I blog her

There is one sales staff in one of the branches under my care; she is extremely stubborn and unreasonable. She sort of to get rid of the previous sales manager and thought that she would be able to get promoted. Hahaha…she is dreaming! First, her education level is not up to fit into this position. Secondly, she can’t even speak or understand English (she refused to meet the customer who speak English.) Lastly, she is not cunning enough.
First, she was in LCCI (diploma in accounting), she was with the company as an account clerk for 2years, after that had transferred to sales department as a sales executive. The 2 years in account department, she is still no idea about the company system and sales procedures. Therefore she put the blame on the ex-sales manager for the mistakes she had done. Let me elaborate clearly, this is a very small branch, 3 sales (including of the Sales Manager), 1 account, 2 customer services cum logistic, and 1 technician based in the office and 5 operators in the production floor.
When I first took over the branch, I thought she has been bullied by the ex-sales manager. Therefore I kind of support her in whatever she is asking for. 2 days later, I have finally seen her true faces. My goodness, I have never work with a so called “experienced sales”! The way she handle her daily job and also her customer are so unprofessional and stubborn.
Here are the incidents I have facing ever since I took over in mid-Jul:
1. Routine check about her sales progress. I wanna know about the current situation about one of the key customer. The answer she gave is “I dunno, Alex (Sales manager) spoke with the customer (an Indian) in english, I couldn’t understand at all.”
2. All the quotation out thru her hands to her customers (sometimes, customer service will handle on behalf of her), will certainly returned back with “price-too-high”! 98% of the returns with “customers expect price”. She will said “XX company is giving the customer this price (customer’s expected price)”.
- Haha! In her market there is only one competitor which is XX Company. There is no others like XY, XZ, AA, BB…etc. Everytime comes back with telling me XX Company give this price, XX Company provide 3 days delivery….etc.
3. All her orders are “TOP URGENT”! Initially, I really thought so, I even slotted her orders to in front of others (those that came in earlier than her). Disappointedly, I found the goods that production had rushed for her still place nicely in the store for few days already.
4. The reason I said she is not cunning enough…..
- She thought that she will get promote after the sales manager left. However, my CEO has the intention to merge these two branches, hence have me to look after this small branch. She wanted to get rid of me, the method she was using is trying to bad-mouth me and brain washed the two new sales. One is a fresh-grad, another new sales is an experience guy. She was kind of asking for support her idea of talking to the CEO for not letting me to look after them. The fresh-grad guy said to her “If you not letting Amy to support this branch, how are we gonna cope? Can our branch able to support if we have this and that order in?” Her answer to this new guy is “………..(she keep quiet)……”. What a joke! She is actually using the “housewife” (gossiping) method to deal in the office politics. Hahaha…..really a joke to me.

5. She has been resigned for 3 times within 1.5 months. First resign, she thought she can use resign to threaten my CEO to get rid of me and promote her. My CEO asked her to stay, will take 6 months to evaluate their performance (3 of them), to consider to promote her to Sales Manager. However, this sales manager has to still report to Amy.
2nd time of resign, she is not willing to take out the customers to / for the new sales.
3rd time, her try to threaten me not to take out the customers from her has failed, she then give 3rd time resignation to try again. Sigh……

There is more about her to share, unfortunately, I really think that the more I typed about her, it makes me mood turn bad! Better stop now. I know you will puzzle why a staff with a lot of problem is still sustain here. The reason that we currently cannot let her go is due to some circumstances, one of it is we scare she will join the XX company (owned by the ex-sales manager)………which I don’t really think so. Whoever took her to put under the company, she will become the liability of the company. Sigh…what to do? This is a CINAMAN company!