Saturday, October 9, 2010

Stupid "system"

I had defied the system that I never know it existed. A very simple and easy job, I just don’t understand why people is just too free to make it complicated

Story started …….

“Our supplier (is actually our HQ) inform us their Italy Supplier’s factory shut down for a month upon received of our PO. Hence we requested for the ETA of the goods. Sadly the answer is “I don’t know…..they told us a month.” Come on, since you have been informed that their factory is shut down for a month, I believe you should also get to know from when till when is their shut down date.

Well, is totally out of branches control if they are not supportive enough. We are taking it as yesterday started for a month. No news at all from HQ, we have to call them on and off to follow up. Customer’s stock level is getting critical and complaint that such a long period of shut down should have inform in advance so that they can plan ahead. Shame is HQ has no stock at all. Customer’s order qty is 150pcs, HQ has not even have one.

I have no choice but to call HQ purchaser for the ETA. Imagine I have to call supplier’s purchaser (instead of sales or their customer service) for support. The purchaser has been very helpful. He kept on update us about the shipment status until the goods reach HQ store. He said “Amy, I am sorry, the goods has reached our store, you have to refer back to either Store or the customer service for the rest of the process. I have no authority to go further.” 

Funny is, my purchaser called the customer service and said “Elaine, can u pls check with your store’s Miss Lim that the goods has already arrived and pls send out to us immediately today.” Follow with another call, “Elaine, can u pls kindly send the goods directly to our customer as if the ink roller is not reach them by tomorrow, they are going to charge us the production line down cost. I have already e-mail the customer’s detail for you.” (We also at the same time copied the e-mail to the HQ purchaser)

• my purchaser, the one based in Penang has to inform the one in KL that her goods already arrived at their store. The one in the same office (Elaine the customer service) with the store do not know anything.

• Another funny scene is, the customer (we) has to inform our supplier (our HQ) that the goods has already arrived at their store.

I do not know how the process flow, there is another customer service appear in the picture, Michelle. She called us and told us that she cannot send the goods to customer directly and also requested us to send her an e-mail to say that we (customer) will bear the courier charge (to courier to my office not customer site.)

However I insist she has to send to customer directly otherwise she has to bear all the consequences. Sadly she said, “I do not know at all you have this request and I do not have your customer’s detail.” I answered, “I m now telling u to send directly to the customer. If you do not know where to send, pls check ur mailbox or Elaine’s mailbox for the detail.” 5 minutes later, she called my purchaser to tell that her boss (this oldman, Raymond is a bastard, he got his pay without working and I don’t understand why my CEO still wanna keep him) not allow her to send directly to customer and requested us to talk to her boss directly.

Raymond later called my purchaser and scolded my purchaser seriously. My purchaser insists our right to request for the service we wanted and even highlighted to him about the consequences. However this bloody Raymond said “This is not the system to do that, if you do not know the system, come to KL, I will teach you the system.” Continue…”Who is the sales to in-charge this customer, ask him to call me.” My sales called Raymond immediately, unfortunately he has purposely off the phone.

I have no choice to call my Executive Director (my CEO’s son) for help. He asked “What is the system he is talking about?” (hahaha….the boss doesn’t know he has “this system” in his own company.) Raymond still off his phone, and therefore my ED has to contact that Michelle. This Michelle told my ED that she has no idea about my request her to send directly to the customer!!! What a bitch!! (HQ purchaser told me, not only I had talked to this Michelle personally about the request, he also tried to pass her the customer’s detail (as he received the e-mail too), but she refused to take that.) Look at this bitch!!! Anyway, my ED had helped me to solve the problem. He asked the HQ purchaser to send the goods to our customer directly. Look at this scenario, the one who has to work has off the phone to avoid working. The one who has to work has refused to do (even the ED asked to do). But the one who has no responsible at all in this (the HQ purchaser) has to entertain the customer (we). This is the company’s system, is this system that Raymond was talking about? Hahaha….”

A listed company with bunch of rubbish, I kind of pity my CEO and those colleagues who really is working, for instance, the Purchaser, Mr. Chin.

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  1. LOL..what a system they having....