Friday, October 1, 2010

People's appearance is given by the god

Story about me…..
Few months ago, I had this incident. I called the security agent (an Indian boss claimed that he was an inspector in a police force before) into my office for a discussion about the improvement of their service. Initially, our conversation is pretty relaxed and understanding. But the more in detail I told him about the poor service I got from the guards, he became boil. Ended up he scolded me in front of my staff IN MY OFFICE.

Here is the list of the issues the security force needs to improve:

1. The window at the guard house has covered with our customer’s labels! For a printing line, we will get sue from the customer if they wanted to examine.

2. The guard always missing. Sometimes missing for more than 30mins with the gate opened.

3. The guard doesn’t into a proper uniform. They don’t have a standard one. Sometimes in brown, sometimes blue, and sometimes even with different badge, I suspect the uniforms are “recycling” from others throw away. Most of the time in slipper, no safety shoes at all. The guard’s looks very awful and not in the spirit.

4. All visitors (staff’s family, suppliers, customers, or himself (the Indian boss of this security agent) can simply walk into our office without notify the office staff.

5. Our operators (factory workers) can leave the premises during working hour.

6. Hygiene and tidiness – cigarette head everywhere around the guard house area, the guard hanging his clothes on our gate and at the guard house door, the rubbish everywhere outside the guardhouse area, etc.

7. Rudeness guard – borrow money from our staff, talk loud and arguing with the branch manager in the office area.

8. At night, one guard taking care of 2 to 3 premises in this area. Meaning to say, we pay fulltime, but we get half of the service, cause after office hour, 3 are sharing one guard.

Here is the list of his explanation and improvement:

1. He said “Sorry about that”

2. He said “Don’t worry, I can ensure you that your people and also all your asset will be safe. You know what, I was an inspector before? Also, I tell you, I actually pay the gangster every month RM1500. “ “Nobody is daring to touch my anything under my care. If really happened I am able to find out and get it back what you have lost.” “I have been serving your company and as well as your neighbor especially Amway for so many years, so far so good. If you still don’t feel comfortable I can give you the gangster phone number to get his word for assurance. Or I can introduce you Amway’s manager for my testimonial.”

** After 2nd point, he started to look frustrated and boiled**

3. He said “OK, I will look into it and try to improve on the uniform.” …he started to throw temper, “The people’s face has given by the god, is out of my control.” – This is how he explained to me about my comment on his security looks. (To me, I just need the guard to shave and comb the hair, wear the uniforms with tight in, wear the safety shoes instead of slipper.)

4. He said “OK, I will inform my guard to do the records of all the visitors, and also will get your company permission before we allow anyone to enter.”

5. He said again “OK, I will get my guard to work with your company on tracking the staff leave the premises during working hour.”

** Point No. 6, 7, and 8 has never mentioned to him.**

I told him that I don’t believe that a company like Amway has never comments anything about your service. I am not fussy at all, as some of their problems have being highlighted to us from our visitors especially our customers. The more we were discussed; he is getting more and more terrible by raising his voice, and even scolded me as a cheapest lady he ever meets. He questioned me that ever told his guard about “benci your boss?” I admitted as I really said so and explained to him that I scare to see him due to he always come to my office without appointment and screw up my schedule of the day (this was due to his guard dare not stop him for coming into our premises, as he is the boss of the security guards.) I explained to him that my Malay is no good and your guard also cannot converse in English therefore I use “benci” and also use “takut”. That Indian bastard said want to get a lawyer to sue by of spoil his reputation (due to I said I hate to see him…haha…what a joke.) Then what about he scolded me as a cheapest lady in front of my staff?

He keep on sitting in my office and scolded me and keep saying hate to see me and don’t feel like talking to me as I am the cheapest lady. Hence, I told him to leave since he doesn’t feel like talking to me and we can’t continue our discussion then. He said “Why should I leave, I don’t care, and I don’t scare of you at all.” I was thinking, “What the heck? You are in my office, and since u said u hate to see me and don’t want to talk to me, why don’t u go? Otherwise you want me to leave my office and give the office to you? “
By the way, during the “argument” (the reason I put inverted coma was due to he is the only one yell and scold, I was remained calm and peace and trying to calm him down too), he keeps saying wanted to give me the contact of Amway’s manager, but when I wanted to get it from him, he said “Why should I have to give you?” Before he left, he said “You better be careful.” Because of that, I actually dare not go back to the office and immediately went to make police report under threatening case. The inspector called him in for the settlement, but he never answer the call, therefore the police official has to log the report and gave me his cell-phone number in case of anything to call him immediately.

I told the company about what I have facing with this security agent. What they concerned is whether that bastard will do anything to harm the company! TMD! Never concern about the staff safety. Beside, they asked me to continue to use the security until the contract end (it was like another 4 months). If the indian boss is the bastard, the two (company internal auditor) handling this case on behalf of my CEO is a bloody hell!

Isn’t my work interesting? Well, this is Malaysia here I am!

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