Friday, July 17, 2009

Life is a life

Is it god bring me to safe its life? Or this is what I owed it in my previous life? Usually I go to the Belly dance class by using the other road, but due to the road looks very jam, hence I was using the alternative. Right at the exits I saw a dog lying in the middle of the road and still alive. It is a highway (Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah (Pesta) )and it was during rush hour. Also there was another car behind me. However, I just feel that I can’t just go away. Therefore I reversed my car, and asking the car behind me to give way
I went to ask help from a nearby Vet. He is a nice Vet, I know him due to he is my dogs’ Vet, both Snoopy and Fei Fei. At first, I have a feeling he may refuse to help as it is a stray dog. Even though until now, I believe it was an obligation to him. I guess he might feel bad to refuse me as he knows me. The second he saw me, right away told me he has appointment so gotta be quick, and actually I got Belly dance class too.
When I and the doc returned to the place, I didn’t see the dog in the middle of that highway anymore. I that second, I feel good, means the dog was ok therefore he has run away. But, before I wanna make a u-turn to fetch the doc back to his clinic, he saw the dog lying on the pedestrian walk. The Vet recognize the dog as it belong to the workshop. The Vet found that the dog is quite serious, as his mouth bleeding, and also his back legs has no feeling, suspect also it spinal severe injured. He also suspect that the dog’s head got hurt severely and causing the mouth bleeding, if it is true about what the doc said, the dog has only 48hrs. But before we wanted to carry him back to the clinic, it suddenly stand up and ran away from us. So, I went to talk to the workshop owner and had confirmed that the dog belongs to him. After I told him about what has happened to his dog, he doesn’t seem very concern, I guess he just treat it as a stray dog and let it be as whatever it is instead of spending money to safe it’s life. Dr. Joshua had the same thoughts too. Instead of asking him to take the dog to clinic for X-ray, he asked the owner to look after the dog look for 6 months, and make sure don’t let it moving around.
Dr. Joshua was very nice for giving the medi to the owner FOC. But I insist to pay him, as he is not from SPCA, he had already kind enough to go with me to help the dog. He refused to accept my money and asked me to get the owner come to pay him. But both of us know that it is impossible. After the “hoo-ha” for awhile, he decided to give me a discount, and its cost me RM31.00. I gave the medi to the dog owner, he shown that he wanna pay me back, but I refuse but want him to promise to take good care of his dog.
I hope that the dog is recovering and get well soon.


  1. Hope that dog will soon be well again,I feel so sad for the dog

  2. you are such a good person AMY!! Good karma will come around ;D

  3. The dog is still alive and recovered! I saw it hanging around.